Health and Safety.

EDS Continental works to extremely strict Health and Safety regulations, exceeding the Standards set down by law and striving to ensure that our workplace is one that is free from accident and injury. Our aim is to totally eradicate all existence of accident and injury in the workplace, through thorough staff assessment and training.

We train all our employees to the highest possible level of accreditation, abiding by EUSR training standards. The EUSR is affiliated with the CSCS, and provides us with the appropriate knowledge to ensure that all our staff members have not just adequate, but excellent levels of training before being sent to work onsite.

Our Health and Safety policy is so thorough that we currently pride ourselves on delivering a standard of care to our employees that is nothing less than outstanding. We believe in working closely alongside all our employees to give them the maximum benefits of a career with EDS Continental, and this includes annual assessments as well as the constant updating of our training policies and schedules.

When people come to work with us at EDS Continental we believe in giving them an opportunity of a fulfilling career and one that will establish themselves and integrate fully within the workforce. All our employees are first aid trained as well as receiving manual handling training and assessments. It is against our business ethos to send workers out onto site until they are fully trained and confident with their own capabilities.

EDS Continental is constantly providing excellent new work opportunities to willing individuals in the community and we believe in equal and fair opportunities of employment within the workplace. We pride ourselves on the fact that all staff members on our pay roll have been individually trained by ourselves, in compliance with Health and Safety Standards, and that each and every one of our employees are fully trained to deliver a standard of excellence to our clients and the local community.